Telegram to Wordpress blog synchronization service

This service makes any Telegram channel or even group of channels accessible from your own Wordpress site!

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While service is under development here is some features to be released

Sync any Telegram channel

It can be your own channel or any public Telegram channel, your can even sync a private Telegram channel by adding special bot to the channel. Multiple channels are supported! Sync group of channels into one blog!

Backup Telegram channel(s) posts and media to Wordpress

Copy text, images and video from Telegram channel to your Wordpress blog. Setup your personal Wordpress site and keep all Telegram channel records with media on it. Keep your data safe.

Share a synced blog with friends, build a community around it

Create a Wordpress site, sync Telegram channels you interested in, add friends to the Wordpress, comment posts, make discussions.

Make Telegram content accessible from the Web, make it searchable, so more people will know about it.

If you need privacy - set a private Wordpress blog with Telegram content just for your and friends.

How to setup service

Host a wordpress site (or use existing one)

There is a lot of cheap and good providers that able to host your Wordpress site, find best provider that fills your needs (network speed, hard drive space, price).

Setup wordpress site and blog, that will be synced with Telegram channel (Video of the installation and setup will be provided).

Create user for Telegram2Wp service, set privileges to this user so it can manage the blog.

Signup at

Create account, select telegram channel you want to sync, set sync options, provide Wordpress user to our service as blog author and start, that's it!

Have questions or feature request?

Feel free to drop message for us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.